Magyar Kokpar Szovetseg

Magyar Kokpar Szovetseg

Magyar Kökpár Szövetség (Hungarian Kokpar Federacio)
Hungarian Kokpar Federation was established on May 20, 2020. One of the most popular traditional equestrian sports, Kokpar, also known as Kok Boru, Buzkashi, has its roots in Middle Asia, and it is played even in Europe. The members of our Federation are active sportsmen and trainers who have been organizing and participating in kokpar and other traditional equestrian sports, such as audarispak (horseback wrestling), horse archery, horse stuntmen competitions for 20-25 years. Our Federation is supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, the Hungarian Tourism Association and the Union of Traditional Equestrian Games.
The main achievement of the Federation in 2020 we consider to be the First National Kokpar and Traditional Equestrian Sports Championship that took place in October. We are actively involved in the popularization of traditional horse games by posting articles, photos, videos. The latest film about the development of traditional equestrian sports in Hungary that includes footage of the Championship and greetings from some of our colleagues can be seen on the following link .
On a permanent basis we maintain friendly relations with our colleagues from Austria, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Kazakhstan etc. as well as with the representatives of the other national sports and games in Europe and Asia. One of our strategic goals is to cooperate with Hungarian and International organizations involved in Traditional sports and games.

Svetlana Kalynovska Vice-President
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