Birlos (Spain)

Birlos (Spain)

  • Name of sport (game): Birlos, Birla
  • Name in native language: Birlos, Birla
  • Place of practice (continent, state, nation):

    It is played throughout Aragon, from the Pyrenees to Rubielos de Mora.
    It can be played individually or in teams.
    In some places, such as Campo Y Benasque (Huesca) it is exclusively a women's game.

  • History:

    This is a traditional game, of Celtic origin, that was played in the streets of the towns of Aragon and Spain, with variations in the rules and name, depending on the region. It is a very good example of a street game.

  • Description:

    As in other parts, the game consists of placing nine straight pins on the ground and each player knocking down as many as he can by throwing from a line marked on the ground.
    In the Pyrenees the throwing ball has a handle, while in other parts it is smooth and generally smaller.
    Game elements have different names. BIRLOS, BIRLA, the one that has the most value. HANDLE, is the piece that is used to pull the BIRLOS.
    They are placed at a distance of 10 meters. Each BIRLO is worth 1 point and the BIRLA is worth 5 points. It is launched with the TIRADERA. You can play individually, one against one; or in pairs. The number of runs is agreed upon and at the end, the one with the most points is the champion.
    In Huesca and Zaragoza, billas are sticks with turned heads. In other places they are called birlos, and in Monreal del Campo, bolos and bolinches.

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    z bolos

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