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Bayga is a race characteristic for this region for horses of all breeds by age and distance. Historically, these were races that took place between settlements. Children rode the horses most often, due to the low weight, because the horses covered a distance of several dozen kilometers at a gallop. Currently, 2-3 km long tracks are designated for racing in the steppe, and viewers can follow the race from start to finish. On special racing days, yurt towns arise around the track, where social gatherings take place in line with centuries-old tradition. There are usually 3-4 races during the meeting. Kunan bayga is a 7-9 km race for 2-year-old horses, top bayga for 3-year-old and older horses at a distance of 11-17 km. The most important race is the alaman bayga for 3-year-old and older horses run over a distance of 25 km (previously up to 50 km). The higher the rank of the competition, the more expensive material prizes.

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