Tom Fabian

Tom Fabian


Tom Fabian, PhD, is a sociocultural scholar of sport. His primary area of focus is on the history and anthropology of traditional games, but other research interests include body culture, globalization, and international sport. He has published academic works on Turkish oil wrestling, martial arts as national sports (e.g. muay thai, capoeira, and taekwondo), and safeguarding traditional games within the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage framework (with case studies on hurling, kok boru, oil wrestling, and capoeira). Tom currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and holds a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Ottawa, focusing on the revival of Indigenous games in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. An Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Sport and Society (IJSS), Tom is also actively involved with the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH), the International Network for Sport Anthropology (INSA), and the Sport Ecology Group. Forthcoming projects include: traditional games and the green movement; populism and folk games propaganda; the revival of traditional games in Europe; and the emergence and diffusion of modern sport.


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