World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC)

World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC)

Kazimierz Waluch, the President of the Institute for Sport Development and Education, will participate, as a guest of the World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC), at the 2nd International Ethnosport Forum, "Reviving Traditional Sports", which will take place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on April 20-21, 2019.


World Ethnosport Confederation is organizing the World Traditional Sports Forum for the second time. The host of the meeting will be the Kazakhstan Ethnosport Association, and the subject will refer to the idea of reviving of traditional sports. This event will also be used to identify problems related to traditional sports, offering solutions based on the personal experience of participants and organizations that they represent, transferring the experience of people and entities from different parts of the world.

The forum will last two days and the sessions will deal with topics related to traditional sports,
- The importance of state support for preserving and promoting sports and traditional games.
- The importance of traditional horse sports in the countries of Central Asia.
- World Nomad Games as a globally growing brand. Ideas to enrich the content of World Nomad Games 2020 in Turkey.

The Forum will also host the award ceremony for Unique Contributors, Achievers and Supporters for Traditional Sports.
The Asian Championships in traditional sports will also be part of the Forum.