Saxton T. Pope, A Study Of Bows And Arrows

Saxton T. Pope, A Study Of Bows And Arrows

Saxton T. Pope, A Study Of Bows And Arrows: Traditional Archery Methods, Equipment Crafting, And Comparison Of Ancient Native American Bows (The Library of Traditional Archery), Legacy Edition, 2020

The Timeless Study of Ancient Archery and Bow and Arrow Lore. This deluxe unabridged reprint Legacy Edition of Saxton Pope's historic A Study Of Bows And Arrows is the ultimate analysis of ancient archery equipment. Originally published in 1923, this vintage classic book is an essential text for the study of traditional hunting and shooting sports lore. Drawing from his experience with American Indians and making his own bows and arrows, Pope examines the ancient bow and shooting methods with meticulous detail and extensive testing. In this book, he examines long bows, recurve bows, short bows, and everything in between. With many illustrations and photograph plates, this study examines the effects of each kind of bow and shares these results with readers in an engaging way.
Pope's study of bows and arrows throughout history is unparalleled. Drawing on his time with the Yana Indians and having published at least three books on archery, this present book focuses on the specific composition of bows and arrows and how well each works. He also provides specifics on how to make your own bows, including discussions on the best types of wood.


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