Đẩy gậy (Vietnam)

Đẩy gậy (Vietnam)

Name of sport (game)

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Name in native language

Đẩy gậy

Place of practice (continent, state, nation)

The sport is being practised mainly on the premises of the mountainous provinces, inhabited by a variety of ethnic minorities, such as Son La, Hoa Binh or Lay Chau, while some of the events take place in larger cities, such as the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi.


Đẩy gậy is a traditional Vietnam sport. The competition usually takes place at the beginning of spring, during holidays, cultural and sports festivals. Each generation of players passes on the experience and techniques of the next generation.


It is a relatively easy sport, but requires the participant to be extremely strong, dexterous and agile while duelling with an opponent. Usually, it is being practised using two meter bamboo stick painted white and red. The participants compete within a circle with a diameter of 5m. The winner is decided upon pushing the opponent out of the aforementioned circle within 2 to 3 rounds.

Current status

Every 2 years national minority tournaments take place on a national scale, in which Đẩy gậy is the main sport in the competition program. Every year there are also national championships that show traditional Vietnam sports and allow the recruitment of young athletes who contribute to the development of ethnic sports in Vietnam.



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