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X Campeonato del Mundo Sub-22 Frontón 30 m

X Campeonato del Mundo Sub-22 Frontón 30 m. Tenerife 2019, España

2019 World Wushu Kung Fu day festival

2019 World Wushu Kung Fu day festival Tehran main square Azadi Tower on Monday 12 August. Expecting attendance of 2000 athletes and 5000 spectators.

3rd World Eguestrian Martial Arts Competition

3rd World Eguestrian Martial Arts Competition
NOV 20-24 2019 Iran

Árpád Cup, Hungarian Castle Camp

Árpád Cup, Hungarian Castle Camp, 16-18 August 2019

rpd Cup Hungarian Castle Camp 16 18 August 2019

Lucha Leonesa, 20 de Julio

Lucha leonesa july 2019, Liga de Verano Senior

lucha leonesa july 2019

6th WVVF World Vovinam Championships

The 6th WVVF World Vovinam Championships 2019 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
More information:

6th WVVF World Vovinam Championships 2019 Phnom Penh

Torneo Pelota Mixteca

Torneo “Lunes del Cerro 2019”

torneo pelota mixteca

International Traditional Games Festival 2019

International Traditional Games Festival 2019

National Traditional Sports Games

Championship of the Altai Republic (Russia) in Kok-Boru

Чемпионат Республики Алтай по национальной игре «Кок-бору» пройдет с 3 по 7 июля 2019 года в Онгудайском районе региона. Эти соревнования приурочены к 75-летию Семена Тузачинова – основателя игры в Республике АлтайПлощадкой для соревнований станет урочище Кер-Кечу рядом с селом Купчегень.
- Предполагается, что участие примут не менее 10 команд, в том числе, из Онгудайского, Улаганского районов, ожидаем команду из Новосибирска. Также, ожидается, что к нам приедет делегация из Татарстана для обмена опытом. Решается вопрос о приезде делегации из Кош-Агачского района, было направлено приглашение в Монгольскую федерацию. Площадка подготовлена, есть трибуны для размещения зрителей, установлены тай-казны (необходимое для игры спортивное снаряжение), на площадке обновили разметку. Есть аил, откуда будет работать комментатор. За первое место команда получит приз - 50 тысяч рублей, - пояснил глава Купчегеньского сельского поселения Владимир Мандаев.
Приблизительный перевод «Кок–бору» с тюркского – «Синий волк». Более известна эта древняя тюркская игра как «козлодрание». Участники – наездники на лошадях, должны отнять друг у друга специально подготовленную тушу козла или, в некоторых случаях, барана. Тушу нужно забросить в ворота, выигрывает команда, которая сделает это первой. Кок-бору постепенно получает развитие не только в странах, где эта ига была традиционной - Узбекистане, Таджикистане, Казахстане. К игре присоединились США и Франция, Турция и другие государства.

Polish Tatar’s Horseback Archery Competition

Polish Tatar’s Horseback Archery Competition, Białystok, 29-29 June 2019

3rd EVVF European Vovinam Junior Championships November 1-3, 2019

3rd EVVF European Vovinam Junior Championships
November 1-3, 2019
Frankfurt - Germanyvovinam november 2019

2da Copa Millonaria de Tejo

2da Copa Millonaria de Tejo, Turmequé-Boyaca, Cuna del Tejo, Junia 29, 30 y Julio 1

Tejo czerwiec 2019

Horseback Archery European Grand Prix Series

Horseback Archery Eventing, European Grand Prix Series 4-6 Octobre 2019

horseback archery october 2019

Horseback Archery International Competition

Horseback Archery International Competition 20-22.06.2019 Bellac (France)


Jaisal Singh, Polo in India, Roli Books, 2008

This book tells the story of Indian polo from the earliest incarnation of the modern game in Manipur right up to the present day. From the British tea planters and army officers in India who first witnessed the game in the early 1800s to the Indian Army, which made an enormous contribution to keeping polo alive after Independence, this fast-paced and exciting sport has attracted a legion of loyal fans. Traditionally a royal sport, the Indian princely states of Patiala, Jodhpur and Jaipur did much to advance the popularity of polo in the early twentieth century, producing some truly iconic players. In the 1980s the sport was revived by another princely state Udaipur.

Tony Collins, How Football Began, A Global History of How the World's Football Codes Were Born, Routledge 2018

This ambitious and fascinating history considers why, in the space of sixty years between 1850 and 1910, football grew from a marginal and unorganised activity to become the dominant winter entertainment for millions of people around the world.
The book explores how the world’s football codes - soccer, rugby league, rugby union, American, Australian, Canadian and Gaelic - developed as part of the commercialised leisure industry in the nineteenth century. Football, however and wherever it was played, was a product of the second industrial revolution, the rise of the mass media, and the spirit of the age of the masses.

Table of Contents
1.The Failure of the Football Association 2. Before the Beginning: Folk Football 3. The Gentleman’s Game 4. Sheffield: Football Beyond the Metropolis 5. The End of the Universal Game 6. From the Classes to the Masses 7. Glasgow: Football Capital of the 19th Century 8. The Coming of Professionalism 9. Women and Football: Kicking against the Pricks 10. Rugby Football: A House Divided 11. Melbourne: A City and Its Football 12. Australian Rules and the Invention of Football Traditions 13. Ireland: Creating Gaelic Football 14. Football and Nationalism in Ireland and Beyond 15. American Football: The Old Game in the New World 16. Canadian Football: Between Scrum and Snapback 17. Rugby League Football: From People’s Game to Proletarian Sport 18. The 1905-06 Football Crisis: North America 19. The 1905-06 Football Crisis: Rugby 20. Soccer: The Modern Game for the Modern World 21. The Global Game

L. Gougaud, La soûle en Bretagne et les jeux similaires du Cornwall et du Pays de Galles

L. Gougaud, La soûle en Bretagne et les jeux similaires du Cornwall et du Pays de Galles, Annales de Bretagne et des pays de l'Ouest Année 1911 27-4 pp. 571-604 (

L Gougaud La sole en Bretagne et les jeux similaires du Cornwall et du Pays de Galles

Don Nardo, Arts, leisure, and sport in ancient Egypt

Nardo, Don Arts, leisure, and sport in ancient Egypt. Lucent Books, San Diego, Calif, 2005
The many arts and crafts at which the Egyptians excelled and the numerous leisure pastimes they pursued are examined in detail in this enlightening book. Among the crafts covered are pottery- and glass-making, spinning and weaving, painting, sculpture and jewelry-making. Other chapters are devoted to Egyptian writing systems and literature, as well as activities such as music, dancing, wrestling, archery and hunting.

Mapping of traditional sports and games (TSG) in Europe

Mapping of traditional sports and games (TSG) in Europe - Final report - Study
Published: 2016-07-18
Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (European Commission)

a This mapping of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) aims at gaining a better understanding of the landscape of organisations active in the field of TSG, at identifying and analysing a number of key actions and interesting initiatives across the European Union (EU). It also seeks to inform decision-makers on possibilities to support TSG at EU level by providing recommendations on potential actions and initiatives.
The publication is available:

a Mapping of TSG

Pelota vasca en Cuba 1930-1960

Antonio Mendez Muñiz, Pelota vasca en Cuba 1930-1960. Volumen primero: Cesta punta Tapa blanda, 1995

Pelota Vasca en Cuba


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