The European Traditional Sports and Games Association (ETSGA) founded on 28 April 2001 at Lesneven (France).

European Traditional Sports and Games Association, (ETSGA) comprises sports or cultural federations, associations, educational institutions or companies whose aim is the management, the promotion and the guardianship of traditional sports and games. ETSGA represent hundred thousand players and supporters in Europe.
ETSGA has for objective to encourage and support the development and the practice of traditional sports and games (TSG), as well as the recognition of values contained by

TSG in general:
- To support the creation of an European network;
- To support the setting up of other associations;
- To support the setting up of international meetings and conferences;
- To support study and research;
- To support the creation of documents for educational application.

At the initiative of ETSGA adopted a resolution on the need for a special Charter on the preservation and development of traditional games, which is enshrined in the protocol of the 33rd session of the General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, 3-21 October 2005. The document states that traditional games and competitions are part of the intangible cultural heritage and encouraged to develop a state-level platform for cooperation for their protection and conservation.