Pelota Mixteca (Mexico)

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Pelota Mixteca

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Pelota MIxteca

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The game is played in many places of Oaxaca, Mexico City. Besides Pelota Mixteca has emigrated to the United States as well as the people , so is very common to find places in California and Texas where the game has been adopted as an important cultural heritage.



Mixtec ball is an autochthon five team game between two opposing teams which has its roots in the Mesoamerican ball game.
This game represents the fight of two teams for territory.
Each player is placed strategically in the court to hit the ball. Court is composed in two areas: Service area and a baseline at the back. The game starts with a service throwing the ball which needs to bounce in a stone located on the floor, the ball returns to service area and the team in this area must hit the ball again and again.

The ball moves between the two teams until the ball is out . The score is very similar to a tennis game, the difference consist that only 3 games are required for a set. The court also called “pasajuego” is a clay court with a length of 100 meters x 9 meters of height.

The glove. Before 1900’s the Pelota Mixteca was played only with hands and this technique was called “cold hands”, players used to put leather on their hand in order to protect them for heavy ball punches, this protection has evolutioned into a glove. Current glove weight is between 3.5 to 6 kilos and it is made of layers of leathers and steel nails. Each glove is considered a craft due each one is unique in weight, size and design.

Pelota Mixteca5
The ball is a vulcanized rubber with 900 grams of weight and approximately 12 cm. of length-

Pelota Mixteca de forro ball
Players . Everyone can play pelota mixteca, there is not age restriction, however there are 3 major categories : first, second and third division, the experience, performance and skills which depends on.

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Pelota mixteca tradición viva 
Pelota mixteca tradicin viva

Pelota Mixteca Oaxaca 
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Pelota Mixteca San Martín Tilcajete 
Pelota Mixteca San Martin

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Pelota Mixteca Nochixtlan Oax. 
Pelota Mixteca Nochixtlan

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Pelota Mixteca Tamazulapam

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Pelota Mixteca Arellanes

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Pelota Mixteca Xitle CDMX

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Asociation de la Pelota Mixteca de California Central

Pelota Mixteca San Fernando California 

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Japan Pelota Mixteca Association 

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