Trampoli (Italy)

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Schieti, Italy


The art of stilt walking has long origins and is widespread in all continents; it comes from, among other things, the need to move around swampy areas, but with time it acquired ritual associations, it also became a spray competition.
Stilts have always been present in Schieti, the ancient castle at the crossroads between Pesaro, Urbino and Montefeltro, and a must-see for solfatari and charcoal smokers who made their way across the Foglia River on long wooden poles.


Current status

Today, five city districts compete for the Palio dei Stiltoliers trophy from Schieti, competing on stilts all the way to the center of a medieval village.

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Palio dei Trampoli
Centro Socio culturale “Don Italo Mancini”
Via del Castello, 6
61029 Schieti di Urbino (PU)
Tel. 340.7254596 – 320.0340126 

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