Tanguilla (Spain)

Tanguilla (Spain)

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La Tanguilla

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The denomination tanguilla is the one commonly used in the town of Palazuelos and, in general, in the mountains of the north of the province of Guadalajara and nearby areas of Segovia and Soria.

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It is a game of aiming or "precision throwing" and depending on the locality it receives various names: tanga, tarusa, tuta, cairn, tangana, canutillo, etc.
The game requires three elements: the players, the yews and the tanguilla itself.
The tanguilla is a cylinder about 18 or 20 centimeters long and 3 or 4 centimeters in diameter, with perfectly smooth bases.
The yews are metal disks between 8 or 10 centimeters in diameter and about 4 or 6 millimeters thick. The dimensions and composition determine its weight, an important factor in the game. In certain localities, yew trees are also called "tangones" or "chocones".
To play, choose an elongated and flat surface, as hard as possible (although it retains a small upper layer of sand). At one end the tanguilla is placed vertically and a circle is delimited around it. At about 20 meters is the minimum limit for players to position themselves for the launch.

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