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Poland; the other countries have similar games, like Ring tennis (or Tennikoit) in Germany


Ringo is a sport with similar equivalents in the other countries, such as German Ring tennis or English deck tennis, played on boards of the ships, which were enjoyed during the long-lasting cruises at the beginning of the 20th century.
In Poland, Polish Ringo dates back to the 1950s. Initially, it was a part of a training of Polish fencer – Włodzimierz Strzyżewski.
In 1968, this sport was presented during the Olympic Games in Mexico as Polish Ringo (the name is derived from an English word: “ring”).


Ringo consists in throwing a rubber ring over a tape, rope, string or net so that it falls onto the opponent’s field. This ring can be bought cheaply in many stores. You can also use other items to play at home or in the garden, e.g. tennis balls or even boxes, rolled-up newspapers etc.

ringo equipment
You hang a string, net, rope or net at a height depending on the age and the height of the players. You can play one-to-one or in teams of two or three participants each side (or even bigger).
In one-to-one version, one player starts the game with a serve from behind the end line – he or she has to throw the ring over a net or a tape with one hand to the other half of the pitch. The opponent tries to catch it (also with one hand) and flip it again with the same hand over the string/net/tape.
Players only move around the pitch without a ring in their hands. When they catch it, they must stop and flip the ring. When the ring hits the ground on the opponent’s field of play, the game is interrupted and the team which managed to force its counterpart not to catch the ring, gets a point.
If the ring flies under the net or falls to the ground off the pitch, the team which committed this mistake, loses a point.
In team version, you play with one ring in teams of 2 or 3 participants a side or you can try a more professional type of ringo – playing with two rings, flying simultaneously!

Wymiary boiska do gry w ringo

Current status

Polish Ringo is a quite popular sport in Poland. There is even the Polish Association of Ringo and International Ringo Federation (based in Poland), which organizes many, regular competitions in Ringo at various levels in Poland and abroad, including World Championships in this sport.
Ringo is played recreationally in many places in the entire country. It is a simple and very accessible game for everyone.
Ringo was also presented during the important, international sport and cultural events, including World and European Sport for All Games, European Week of Sport, Olympic Games and the others.


Ringo is a dynamic and attractive game for everyone – very simple and easy to organize. You can play it both outdoors and indoors, one-to-one, in pairs or in bigger teams. You can organize recreational games almost everywhere. You only need a string, a tape or something else to hang and a small, rubber ring (ringo) that is cheap and accessible to buy in many stores.
It has been proven that this sport has a very positive effect on widely understood health and physical fitness of children and adults. Besides, it is a joyful game that simply gives a lot of fun to all its players.


Bartosz Prabucki, PhD,
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