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Saxony-Anhalt, Germany


Bowling was the popular sport in the Mansfelder Land and is said to have been introduced here with the upswing of mining by Austrian and Upper Bavarian miners who looked for a change after work and knew the game from Italy. There the cones were set up in the middle of a circle about ten meters in diameter and an attempt was made from the edge to "clear the space" by throwing a ball. Championships have been held there since 1964.


The square bowling is a regional special form of bowling in which the ball is thrown in the traditional way instead of being rolled. It usually takes place outdoors and is a competitive sport only in the Mansfelder Land and southern Saxony-Anhalt.

skizze bahn
For the square bowling in the Mansfelder Land, the square was reduced to a quarter circle and the cones were set up at a distance of 6.5 meters from a marked stand area and 80 centimeters below one another. The approximately five kilogram wooden ball is up to 24 centimeters in diameter, a cone 10 centimeters. This is made of hardwood (usually hornbeam) and is 60 centimeters high (the king 3 centimeters higher). The standing surface of the cones is fixed and provided with a rubber mat. Around 80 centimeters behind the cones, a trap wall will be built to protect the spectators and the material. The standing area for the players is usually laid out with plaster and provided with a drop edge.

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