Bola Canaria (Canary Islands)

  • Name of sport (game): Bola Canaria
  • Place of practice (continent, state, nation):

    Canary Islands

  • Description:

    The main objective of the Canarian ball is to place the ball as close to a specific objective, which in this case is the so-called Boliche or Mingue.
    To play 12 balls are used per team, which will be of the same color within the team, and thus differentiate themselves from the opponent. The material with which the balls are made is usually a paste that must be approved by the Canary Islands Federation.
    The ball will have a maximum diameter of 120mm and a minimum of 90. The weight will range between 1,000 and 1,200 grams.
    The development of the game consists of adding points, which will be defined based on the number of balls closest to the bowling alley.
    The teams will be formed by a number of players, normally four, and each of these will have a maximum number of three balls.
    For practice, a series of categories is established among the players. They will be children from 10 to 14 years old, youths from 15 to 18 years old and seniors from 18 years old.
    Bowling is one of the key pieces in the game, since it is the object that serves as a reference. It will have a diameter of 35 to 45 mm. having to be metallic with a maximum weight of 50 grams and a maximum of 500 grams.
    The playing field will be rectangular, at least 18 meters long and a maximum length of 25 meters.
    The width of the pitch cannot be less than 3.5 meters nor greater than 6 meters.
    The floor of the field of play shall be of earth, deck, sand or any similar material.