Shuai chiao (China)

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Shuai chiao

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Sometimes referred to as Chinese Judo, shuai chiao is an combative system that evolved out of ancient fighting traditions dating back thousands of years. Originally called Chiao-ti, it has since evolved into the modern shuai chiao which integrates punches, kicks, holds, grappling and throws (and breakfalls) into the system. Shuai chiao is related to Sanshou which also uses similar techniques but has a different competitive emphasis, sanshou giving points to successful kicking and punching techniques with less emphasis on throwing (due to restrictions imposed by protective gloves and a three second holding limit), while shuai chiao emphasizes throws. Differences exist, however, between its practice in China, Taiwan and elsewhere. In China alone four major styles exist - Mongolian, Peking, Paoting and Tientsin, each with its own methods. Each stresses different approaches to enter the range and obtain strategic advantage over the opponent's defense.

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