Lagori (India)

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    Lagori, dikori or lagoori, also known as Lingocha, Pithu (Punjabi), Palli Patti (Karimnagar), Pitto (Rajasthan), Pittu (Bengal) or Satoliya(Madhya Pradesh).

    Lagori is a team sport that originated in Southern part of India. The sport is played only at a recreational level, a popular playground game. The sport goes buy many names, including Pittu Garam (meaning 7 stones).
    Lagori is played between two teams, with a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of nine on each team, using seven stones and a rubber ball. Each team gets nine chances, 3 players taking 3 chances each, to knock down the stones that are stacked vertically, from a distance of about 20ft. If one team is unable to knock down the stones the next team gets the chance to throw.
    If the throwing team knocks down the stones, the objective of the team is to stack all the seven stones back. The objective of the defensive team is to strike any player of the throwing team with the ball, below knee level. Players on the defensive team are not allowed to run with the ball and have to pass between players to move the ball.
    If the offensive team successfully stacks the stones first, the team receives a point, and gets to throw the ball again. If the defensive team is able to strike a player first below the knee, there is a change in possession.
    There are no fixed rules for number of players or match durations. Matches are usually played for a fixed number of points, about 7 to 10.

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