Deng-gun or La-gun (China)

Deng-gun or La-gun (China)

  • Name of sport (game): Deng-gun or La-gun (literally means “Stick-pulling”)
  • Name in native language: 蹬棍、拉棍
  • Place of practice (continent, state, nation):


  • History:

    Deng-gun or La-gun is a traditional sport/game in China. Its origin is unknown but some people believes it is from ancient military training.

  • Description:

    Deng-gun or La-gun is a sport mainly focused on strength and endurance. It is played by chinese minorities but now it is played in other some similar sport could be found in other countries, e.g. Mas-Wrestling in Russia.

    Basic Rules:
    1. It is usually played between two players. A stick about 40-80cm in length is used for the game.
    2. During an informal game, the court could be on grass, dirt or a cement floor. For a formal game, the court is indoor and cushions are sometimes used to put on floor in order to protect player’s clothes.
    3. Before the game, players should sit on the floor of corresponding court. Then they put their feet against their opponent’s. The stick is held by both hands. One player hold the inside part and the other player hold outside part.
    4. When they are ready, the referee whistles or claims start in words.
    5. Two players now try to pull the opponent off the ground. When someone’s buttock leaves the ground or lose control of the stick, he/she loses.
    6. A match usually consists of three sets. Whoever wins two sets wins the match.
    7. Making legs apart or lying-down is not allowed during game. When it happened for the first time, the referee will give the player a warning. If it happened for the second time, players will be claimed for losing match.
    8. During a formal game, players will be against the other in the same weight category. After a set, players exchange their seats.


  • Current status:

    Practiced sport.

  • Importance (for practitioners, communities etc.):

    It is an effective way to exercise waist strength. And it improves someone’s endurance.

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