Behempas (Indonesia)

Behempas (Indonesia)

  • Name of sport (game): Behempas (Indonesia)
  • Place of practice (continent, state, nation):

    It is a traditional sport of the tribe Dayoo Tonyooi and Benuaq, one of the dayak tribes people living in Kutai Barat (Indonesia)

  • Description:

    Behempas is attended by two people, each of which is equipped with a piece of rattan called isai, which is used to attack (hitting) the opponent, and a shield made of rattan called seloko, which is to protect itself from enemy attacks. The match takes place in three rounds.
    Both sides will attack each other, striking or throwing rattan into the opponent's body. The impacts are not accidental, because there are rules: the part being attacked is the back of the opponent's body around the back. Of course, the one who has more damage loses.

  • Current status:

    This traditional sport is played at every Dahau Sendawar festival held every two years. The Dahau Festival itself is a festival and exhibition of regional cultures in the West Kutai region.

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