Almokabasah (Oman)

Almokabasah (Oman)

  • Name of sport (game): Almokabasah
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    Compressing wrestling, or the so-called local menes, is a form of wrestling games prevalent in the south of the Sultanate of Oman, and is usually played in Dhofar Governorate and parts of eastern Yemen in Al Mahrah Governorate.

  • History:

    Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, our ancestors invented a wonderful traditional wrestling, in which there was no violence, hitting, kicking or punching, only easy and uncomplicated wrestling in which the mind parallels strength and skill with technology and techniques with strength Wrestling that gains intelligence, strength and physical fitness for its practitioners without injuries or violent little and commensurate nature The people of the peaceful Dhofar, winning in it is easy as soon as the opponent falls, a land that is considered and practiced by the big and the small because it is loved and this wrestling does not cause injuries and problems for its practitioners “The kabba wrestling is called because you drop your opponent and punch on his back on the ground without movement, which is called the Jabali dialect (Munis or Shinas).
    At that time, the means of entertainment and entertainment were few and different, with their simplicity and difficulty, most of the time making the press wrestling make you full of strength, enthusiasm and pride Pressing sport was an art, love and honorable practice in the Governorate of Dhofar, and a cause of pride for the strong man. Press wrestling is considered one of the basic sports in Dhofar and evidence of youthfulness and courage at the age of puberty is a sport practiced and loved by parents and grandparents and ancient and ancient wrestling that is almost disappearing in our days due to the lack of practice and interest in it.

  • Description:

    The traditional phalanx wrestling method
    “Al-Maksba wrestling” is a form of wrestling games prevalent in the south of the Sultanate of Oman, and they are usually played in the Governorate of Dhofar and parts of the Republic of Yemen such as the Yemeni governorate of Mahra and others. The match begins with both players wearing belts on the abdomen. Their waist. Each of the players grabs the opponent from the belt and tries to throw him to the ground. Alabbasa wrestling is one of the most favorite games for men in the Governorate of Dhofar. Most of the matches are held in the form of a challenge and show strength and parachutes at events such as weddings and in any celebration or civil strife, wrestlers follow the rules And the generally accepted laws in this wrestling in the most complete way and in the presence of arbitrators and spectators, and when the match ends The loser and the winner shake hands with each other, and the loser accepts the loss with open arms and sportsmanship. This is a type of wrestling that is not based on violence, and aims at honest competition and the presentation of mind and experience over strength, size and societal cohesion as an integral part of the Omani culture of Dhofari. The word “Makabesah”, which in Arabic means “pressed or pressed” a person on the ground and in the Jabaliya is called “ Minus or Shinas "Wrestling consists of several rounds, and wrestling takes place in two rounds in the event of victory, and in the event of a tie, one round is added to the resolution. There are techniques and techniques that the wrestler must know in order to be able to win and they include types of tugging and pulling movements and other things that lose the competitor's balance, And there are other defensive or counter moves and work to surprise the opponent very quickly to drop the goal of the game That the competitor falls on the ground, and is fixed on his back in the ground, the match consists of two rounds, and in the event of a tie, the third round is added.

    Laws and rules of press wrestling
    Wrestling may consist of three rounds, and each round is three minutes, with the exception of some tournaments Winning is by dropping the wrestler, land in two out of three rounds, or winning one round and drawing two out of three rounds.
    The victory is calculated by a strong and direct drop of the wrestler on his back in the ground, and the winning wrestler fixes the losing gladiator in the ground for short periods on the ground, And you may find the opposing wrestler resisting a fall, avoid on his back, trying to fall on the side, belly, or any place other than back, so as not to be counted for a loss. Gives a competition a certain victory over him, fixing on the ground does not require a long time. Just the opponent falls on the back of the other wrestler and he is on the ground For just a few seconds on the floor, that makes it easier to distinguish winner from loser. The loss is by falling on the back two out of three rounds, or by drawing in two rounds and losing one round, or by withdrawing from the match for any reason, exclusion from the arbitration committee in the match for legal or ethical reasons, lack of respect for the competitor, lack of competitions conditions for him, or the loss of hold on the belt While wrestling or gripping an opponent's clothing and body while wrestling.

    *Draw or replay of the round
    In the event of a negative tie in one round and the inability to drop the opponent within the specified time of three minutes for one round, the referee may give one minute as additional time, and if there is a tie in the two rounds out of three rounds, a 0-0 draw or a positive tie for a round 1-1 And the third round is in which the decision is made, and if the third round has ended with what is in it with a draw, and the victory has not been decided yet, a fourth round is added, and each of the wrestlers searches for the golden opportunity that gives victory once.
    If the time allotted for the match ends without a victory, then the victor is the one who gets the most points in favor of the most proactive wrestler by attacking first and has beautiful skills and technique and wonderful techniques in press wrestling and has a clean play free of errors and wastes of time.
    And in the event that there is no stabilization of the opponent, just the fall of the wrestlers together or next to each other, or they fall close together, or fall far from each other, or one fell on the stomach And the second on the back or he fell between them a short distance or a short distance, and there was no fixation for the opponent when falling on the ground (issued with a chest), so a negative draw is calculated and the round is repeated, and the negative falls are not counted as a tie, after the negative fall, the referee returns the round again at a new time 3 Minutes again * A negative fall What is a negative or a negative fall is a cold drop is not strong and is not required to win Just a weak fall and there is no strong technique or technique that makes this fall count for victory, the referee re-wrestling again and a new time of 3 minutes.
    The fall that counts as a win is like a direct and strong intentional fall in it from the techniques, technology and effort, which makes it a 100% victory.
    Rating, calculation of points and warning?
    The positive point is calculated corresponding to the negative point calculation for the other wrestler :-
    * Release the grip from the belt grip and grabbing the opponent's clothes and body by hand
    * Manipulating the length or width of wearing the belt other than the agreed-upon specifications, or hurting the competitor with an illegal grip
    * Slashing the head or face with the head or face of a competitor during wrestling in a standing position or a deliberate or unintended fall
    * Hitting the shoulder on the opponent's face and chest, or hitting the knee on the opponent's body
    * Intentionally wasting time standing for a long time without attacking or trying to bring down the opponent
    * The introduction of new, strange, and unknown movements that violate the rules of press wrestling and may be dangerous for wrestlers
    * It is forbidden to speak with the opponent during wrestling in the match
    * Ethical problems, lack of commitment and respect for the competitor, the judges, the contests committee, and the public
    * In the event that some mistake or the same mistake is repeated twice, the wrestler may receive a warning or reach a red card expulsion and be prevented from participating in the next tournament And in the event that the mistake is repeated with the same wrestler in another tournament, he may be permanently banned from participating in the tournaments held by the International Piston Wrestling Association. And in the event that the mistake is repeated with the same wrestler in another tournament, he may be permanently banned from participating in the tournaments held by the International Piston Wrestling Association.
    *Skills, techniques and techniques of phalanx wrestling
    Omani phalanx wrestling in Dhofar GovernorateIt is an Arab wrestling remaining in our time, a beautiful and strong wrestling free of violence in which there is no hitting, kicking or punching, A wrestling that relies on the use of reason and peaceful defense methods against larger and more people, and there is no need for violence that is not justified in a sport that is predominantly peaceful and a spirit of humility and reason instead of violence And it has beautiful techniques and skills, there is the technique of obstruction from behind the opponent's foot by using the feet with the use of the strength of the arms to raise and throw and keep the opponent under control and using the skills of the mind with strength produces the art of intelligent pistons wrestling sport It is easy to raise and drop larger and more powerful wrestlers, and it also depends on taking advantage of the mistake of the opposing wrestler and reversing an attack to bring down the ground and fix it on Dahra. Here are some of the technical arts in the traditional presses wrestling in the Dhofar Governorate (Move a step quickly to the right with the heel of your foot pointing to the left behind the opponent's heel to the right, so that you start to go towards the opponent's left and then quickly pull him down.)
    * Attack technique
    (Put the heel of your right foot, fear the bottom of the calf muscle or behind the Achilles tendon, the left foot of the opponent while maintaining your stability on one foot and pull the opponent firmly to the ground on the leg remaining on it and stand up to fall, or complete your left turn until the opponent is thrown on your right side)
    * Take advantage of the opponent's mistake and launch a counterattack :
    (The attacker starts when the opponent leans forward to attack with one leg, with one foot behind your foot and about to step your drop shifter. You have to take the opponent to stand on one foot and reverse the attack to drop. A pull is forcefully against the opponent's raised foot to drop).
    *Hip disability technique
    (Moving the hips of the foot into the inner hip of the opponent's foot to stabilize it and not move it, then pull it with the freed foot on one side to be surprised by a fall and imbalance)
    * It is one of the oldest wrestling techniques known as stabbing (in which the player quickly pulls the opponent out with the help of a side while blocking one of the opponent's feet to fall)
    * This is one of the easiest moves of piston wrestling, in which the player uses his right foot to pull the opponent's left leg from the inside, and at the same time pulls the opponent to one side and is dropped on the ground)
    * The skill of attracting the foot to lose balance (The leg-by-leg pulling method is sometimes replaced by the leg-clasping movement with a leg that was pulled with your leg by the opponent's leg so that he stays on one foot and the opponent loses balance)
    * Walking an opponent needs tremendous strength
    (In which the player raises the opponent from the right side and pushes him to walk on the less balanced left foot until he falls automatically)
    Wrestling begins with wrestlers wearing belts on the waist, each wrestler puts his head on the shoulder of the other, then they bend forward and hold each other by the belt on the abdomen in the waist area with both hands while they are in a standing or bending position, and the goal is to throw or drop the opponent by posing and fixing the opponent on his back On the ground, using the feet and lifting with arms and throwing
    The basic condition is to put the opponent on his back on the ground without escaping the fist or holding him to the belt, one of the basics of the press wrestling is to wear belts on the abdomen and to hold the belt with both hands is good throughout the time of wrestling until the match ends with one of them falling on his back and the contestant has the right to use the foot to obstruct and drop the opponent or both feet And the discount is with a strong point On the back, it is not worn, and the chest of the winner is fixed on the chest of the loser in the ground. Wrestling consists of three rounds, and each round is from three to five minutes, according to each age group and weight.

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    Piston wrestling or what is called internationally (belt wrestling) is a widespread type of wrestling in Europe, Asia and Africa, which provides interesting opportunities for the ancient traditional sports of nations and participation in international competitions inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman. In the Sultanate of Oman, we have traditional wrestling wrestling has a number of designations and several patterns In the world the most famous in Asia is called Korish wrestling or Alish wrestling, and in the federal republics of Russia it is called belt wrestling, and in the Korean peninsula is called wrestling serum "called in the Arabic language in the south of the Sultanate of Oman, wrestling wrestling is called the local dialect in Dhofar Governorate (Minus) or (Shinas) And it has several patterns and number of labels in the world, this wrestling deserves support and promotion across the world to introduce the Omani heritage in all parts of the world, and in the past centuries it was practiced pistaching wrestling or shinas in the mountains of Dhofar and its present and show for the purpose of entertainment and competition between friends and gain skills and defense technology, and in Seasons of collective harvest, hunting, frankincense and other community group work in which there is hardship There is a beautiful habit in Dhofar Governorate Assistance is a collective duty of everyone contributing to work and community collective assistance to the individual is usually mandatory and a social duty for everyone in the seasons of agricultural harvest or building and restoration of homes and seasons for fishing sardines and the production of frankincense The men are between a break and rather they work among them a competition and a challenge to entertain and highlight strength and muscle disease will establish a championship Nationwide wrestling wrestling and aggravating one of them the other falls with simple and easy fuel laws, it is today an important cultural element and international sport today it has more than 33 and is recognized in more than 50 countries, sport belt wrestling or pistering wrestling highlights Omani customs and traditions and we have many posts outside The Sultanate is under the umbrella of a private club in the name of the National Struggle Wrestling Association, and in international forums like ours, the Sultanate of Oman is best represented in a number of international championships, and now it is a sport that is growing in popularity all over the world, and there are many demands for its formal inclusion in the International Olympic Games, and today the wrestling wrestling In all its names in the world, it represents a means of rapprochement and friendship between peoples and nations.

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