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Nubian Stick

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The Nubian stick is actually more of a tournament, but can be seen as a wrestling. Participants are given a staff and shield as weapons for combat. This sport is still practiced in late fall and early harvest. On the other hand, it is prohibited during the growing season because injuries could make young people uncomfortable working.
The fight is part of the ceremonies that follow the harvest, during which we give thanks to God for a good harvest. The event always begins with an invitation from one tribe to another. The guests of the tribe can have their messengers just for the sake of provocation and excitement. The hosts have to scramble to find theirs, and after that they start the fight.
Another way to start the competition is with a symbolic provocation. For example, a man aged 17 to 20 can hold the hands of his rival's fiancée for a few minutes, or cut his bead bracelets. When her so-called husband learns of this, he immediately announces the confrontation by tying a handkerchief or a piece of cloth over his competitor's house overnight, so as to warn the person concerned that he must prepare himself to begin immediately. the next morning.
The fight can take place between two fighters from different villages, or between two villages fighting as a group.

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