Maabza (Algeria)

Maabza (Algeria)

  • Name of sport (game): Maabza
  • Name in native language: Maabza or Al-Maabza or Al-Qarash
  • Place of practice (continent, state, nation):


  • History:

    It is a traditional sport known since Antiquity under the name (Al-Maabza or Al-Qarash) in which traditional clothing is observed.
    As for it is a form of traditional Tuareg fight. Often practiced during ceremonies and festivals, it is close to traditional Senegalese and Gambian fights, which draws on Tuareg military history.

  • Description:

    It is a traditional sport practiced by young people and adults.
    This sport is played in a circle with a diameter of 03 meters, as well as on sandy ground or in a room on an artificial carpet.
    This sport has a major referee and an assistant referee.
    The battle begins after the appropriate situation is taken arm in arm barefoot, that is, by joining the wrestlers. In case of separation, they return to the first position, then the referee gives the starting signal, and from there each tries to drop their opponent to the ground, and as soon as one of the fighters falls, he announces the winner.
    In case of side fall, the fight will be repeated
    Traditional clothing is compulsory.
    It is forbidden to hit with the hand, the head and the legs. If the wrestler do it, the referee stops the fight and gives a warning to the wrestler, then gives the signal to continue the fight. The referee stops the fight if a wrestler receives a second warning.

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