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This art was practiced in the community of Axiluanda, by the Axiluandas and Bessangans in the Luandan coast, the greatest practitioners could be found among fishermen.


Bassula is one of the traditional martial arts of Angola, the term Bassula means swiping, making the opponent to fall. One of the last masters was António Joaquim (Cabetula), who was born on August 20, 1920 in Ilha do Cabo in Luanda and died at age 84 in Mussenda (Boavista), a place that no longer exists.

Bassula Angola
The Bassula of Jinvunda was violent and the contenders had to demonstrate their techniques and abilities, sometimes using artefacts such as staves (barrel boards) and razors.
The Samba Grande fishermen practiced Bassula, from the Ilha do Cabo and Samba Pequena, who were, basically, people of the same lineage origin, this was to strengthen friendship and brotherhood.

Bassula Angola2


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