Akseltag (Marocco)

Akseltag (Marocco)

Name of sport (game)

Akseltag, Hockey saharien, Hockey des Touareg, El Mekchah, Hockey nomade, Hockey des Bédouins

Name in native language

Akseltag, El Mekchah

Place of practice (continent, state, nation)

Morroco, M'Hamid El Ghizlane


The popularity of this game comes from the history of the nomads of Eastern Moroccan


The players use bats, not industrial, but made from tree branches, the ball is in the coat of dromedaries.
This collective game pits two teams, each composed of seven players. Seven players in Sahrawi dress, barefoot, and seven others in white dress are standing while waiting for the signal of the start of the Sand Hockey match, by the referee. There is a rule of play monitored by the referee commonly known as “Sheikh”. The goal of the game is to score points each time a team manages to push the ball behind the opposing team’s lines.
The playing time is not defined in advance since the two teams agree on its duration before the start of the game followed by ordinary citizens or by dignitaries of the region riding dromedaries.
All games end with collective festivities highlighting the sporting fair play associated with the Saharawi footprint, and seemingly reminding that the essential is the joy of entertaining and promoting support for this game.

Current status

This popular game is played by nomadic tribes in the M'Hamid El Ghizlane area. Players in the region are doing their best to revive this game that fights oblivion like other popular games across the country.