Zhu Qian

Zhu Qian

Zhu Qian, born in 1992, lives in Anji County - China's first Ecological County which locates in Zhejiang Province of China. I graduated from Wenzhou University and got a bachelor’s degree of economics in 2015. I have dedicated myself to traditional sports and games since 2012. Because there is a traditional sport club in my university and they usually carry out some interesting activities about traditional sports and games every year. I feel very excited about their activities. During my university period, I finished my research of “traditional games and sports of Zhejiang” and collected a lot of files about traditional sports and games of my hometown and nearby areas. Now I feel honorable that I could be a volunteer of “Traditional Sports and Games” website and project. Traditional Sport is a heritage of our ancestors and should be protected and carried on. Hope I could do something for traditional sport.


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