Tsar's Hound Hunting (Russia)

Tsar's Hound Hunting (Russia)

LLC “Tsar hound hunting” is a tour operator, that is engaged in the promotion of falcon and Russian hound hunting, the organization of hunting festivals and hunting-show.
The motto of our company is "Saving traditions, creating yourself". These simple words convey the true meaning of Russian culture, the layer of which has been lost for the last 100 years. We sincerely believe that our activities will help to preserve the huge heritage of hunting traditions and customs that flourished during the times of tsarist Russia.
LLC “Tsar hound hunting” is a member of the All-Russian Alliance of Public Associations of Hunting and Fishing, the Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Altai Regional Association of Tourism. We have an insurance financial guarantee and are included in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators under the number RTO 021504.
We take an active part in various forums, shooting of documentary films and tourist exhibitions, showing the importance of preserving hunting traditions.
In 2018, at the World Games of Nomads in Kyrgyzstan, the team of Tsar hound hunting won a bronze medal in the salbuurun (hunting triathlon) in the race category of Russian wolfhounds, as well as the 5th place among falconers, and the 6th place among eagle hunters.
Also, General Director Kristina Karamyshina, is a member of the public council of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Altai Territory and is engaged in various environmental projects and programs, cooperating with the Altai State University (falcon cattery “Altai Flacon”) and the natural park "Predgorye Altaiya" on the preservation of wild Balobanov falcons in Altai.

Legal address: 656049, Russia, Altai region, Barnaul,
str. Chkalova, 89, apt. 216
Actual address:656043, Russia, Altai region, Barnaul, str. International 106, of. 207
INN / KPP 2225159192 / 222501001
Phone: +7 964 603 24 14
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