Shobukan World Federation

Shobukan World Federation

Shobukan World Federation

Shobukan Traditional Karate was founded and registered globally in 2018 by Ehsan Moradi, the international center of Shobukan Traditional Karate in Iran, and this federation operates in 40 countries, and the 2021 international competition was held in Italy with the participation of 20 countries from five continents. World in 2022 in Italy with the presence of 29 countries, Shobukan traditional karate has organized and exhibited its national and international seminars in different countries of the world. It was approved by traditional karate teachers and this system is supported by all levels. Shubukan traditional karate follows the original and traditional method of karate and is expanding. Shobukan traditional karate has two systems, sports and traditional, and is the only federation that operates in two systems. Traditional shobukan karate is derived from the white Dorna system and traditional Okinawan karate and is formed, which includes the art of Kobudo, cold weapons, and its own katas. This is the only organization that has all the authentic and traditional karate methods of Okinawa.

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