Museo del Juguete Étnico “Allel Kuzen”

Museo del Juguete Étnico “Allel Kuzen”

Museo del Juguete Étnico “Allel Kuzen”

The "Allel Kuzen" Ethnic Toy Museum, a cultural and pedagogical space established in Neuquén (Argentina) founded in 2014 as part of the non-investigation that since 1982 has been carrying out different activities to make the games and toys of the South American indigenous peoples visible, with in order to develop an interactive ethno-playful pedagogy in the Museum focused on respecting the cultural assets of the various ethnic groups / cultures existing in South America.
This private and non-profit institution is made up of a group of people interested in the preservation and dissemination of the games and toys of the Indo-American people.
Also since 2005, together with Afro-Argentine Mr. Adriano Rocha, we started the process of visibility and revaluation of the games and toys of the Afro-American peoples.
Later we incorporate the proposal of revaluation of the traditional games practiced by the different societies / cultures migrated to these lands with the aim of channeling a relationship between respectful and enjoyable humans.
We work towards an intercultural physical education with teachers from the area and from other subjects.

Stela Maris Ferrarese Carpenti
Directora e investigadora
Museo del Juguete Étnico “Allel Kuzen”
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