International Center for Tahtib (Egypt)

International Center for Tahtib (Egypt)

International Center for Tahtib (I.C.F.T)

It is a voluntary center (NPO) established by Mr. Sabry Mahmoud Al-Sohagi with a constellation of the most prominent tahtib professionals from various Egyptian governorates in 2012 with self-efforts to preserve this ancient heritage of extinction, when he felt that this art is about to disappear and was abandoned by some generations.
It is the first tahtib center in Egypt.
The founder of the International Center for Tahtib is Sabry Mahmoud Mohamed
Our goals:
Establishing a legal entity for Egyptian tahtib sport, we are seeking to establish a tahtib association, we are looking forward to organizing a championship for tahtib, we are seeking to create a union for tahtib professionals or a community association that sponsors and develops this sport.

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