National Buzkashi and Local Sports Federation (Afghanistan)

National Buzkashi and Local Sports Federation (Afghanistan)

In our country Buzkashi had been played over 100 years and mostly it is played on the north parts, Buzkashi is played on 16 province of Afghanistan, first time the Buzkashi federation is created on 2004 on that time the director of Buzkashi was Rasid dara and on 2017 by an election among the directors of 16 provinces of Afghanistan Haji Saifuddin Tandogan was selected as general director of Buzkashi of Afghanistan.
Saifuddin Tandogan was a champion of Buzkashi on his time and he managed to change the name of federation from Buzkashi federation to Afghanistan National Buzkashi and traditional sports federation and by help of some elders of this sports he made a Rule book of buzkashi and the federation lows and added some traditional sports to this federation (horse back archery, Tenge elu, Cirit, Afghan bow Throwing , horse back wrestling, mass wrestling ), on March on 2019 get the membership of world federation of Buzkshi which is located on Kazakhstan, fortunately we have active sportsman on all provinces of Afghanistan, and they are trying their best to improve their talents.
We made guide book of all these sport types and also rules of them, we participated of 3 big events out side on Afghanistan we get 4 medals in this two years from Horse back archery, we had good positions on Buzkashi competitions on (Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).
Because of less budgets we couldn’t make paying area for these sports, now we are getting help from our government to make a standard playing and training field for sportsmen.

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