Sabry Mahmoud Mohamed

Sabry Mahmoud Mohamed

Occupation: Arabic language teacher at the Egyptian Ministry of Education
Hobby: Practicing the sport of Egyptian tahtib
An amateur tahtib member of the Sohag National Art Band, he also taught tahtib arts for young men and women of different nationalities and many countries of the world, such as: America, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Chile, and more other countries and participated in many local and international forums and festivals such as:
The National Festival of Tahtib in Luxor, which is organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, and the World Heritage Day at the Academy of Arts in Cairo, gave many lectures and artistic workshops at Sohag University, participated as a jury member in the first tahtib match in Sohag Governorate, received many certificates of appreciation and trophies from governmental and non-governmental institutions, he is the first coach in the Egyptian tahtib team and he was the first to represent Egypt at the Chungo Festival in South Korea before the World Federation of Martial Arts (WoMAU) in September 2019. He participated also in the first Egyptian conference (The role of youth in cultural reform) under the auspices of the Egyptian Minister of Culture In the governorates of Cairo and Luxor in 2017.


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