Ruslan C Pashayev

Ruslan C Pashayev

Professional Ballroom/Dancesport dancer, coach and choreographer from Delaware, Ohio, United States of America. I was born in 1980 in the City of Baku in Azerbaijan (nowadays an independent country on the Caspian Sea which back then was one of the former Soviet Union's socialist republics). I started doing ballroom/dancesport at the early age of 7 and throughout most of my childhood, teenage and college years I continued my dance education, when I turned 21 I became involved into teaching ballroom/dancesport to other people, sharing with them my knowledge. I was engaged in some other sports besides ballroom dancing, namely football, basketball and kickboxing. I also was graduated from the oil and gas academy and have a Master Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Since I was probably 12 I remember myself being a big fan of amateur (international Olympic styles) wrestling as well as of pro wrestling (catch wrestling) and especially of the history of that combative sport. In 2005 I started a wrestling history studies as a hobby and in 2019 I published my book about the origin and evolution of Lancashire Catch-as-catch-can wrestling called “The Story of Catch.” Currently I continue my pro dancing career as well as keep doing my wrestling history studies.


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