Waikitun – traditional sport of Mapuche (Chile)

Waikitun – traditional sport of Mapuche (Chile)

Among many peoples in the world, the Mapuche is a people who stood out for their use of the Wayki, the spear. The Wayki, an element of delicate manufacture, made of noble wood, hard wood, and apellinated.
All Mapuche had their wayki and they were kept at the door of the ruka ready to be used in case of danger. It was placed at the entrance because it had to be readily available.
The Waykitun was an ancestral practice that, at the same time as a martial art, was a practice similar to a sport, which is why everyone had their own and had to learn how to use it.
Mapuche soldiers practiced various combat techniques (slingshot, arrow, hand-to-hand combat, etc.), but the best known is the waykitun.
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