Virtual LIVE Zoom Meeting on Traditional Sport and Games (TSG)

Virtual LIVE Zoom Meeting on Traditional Sport and Games (TSG)

We will be hosting Virtual LIVE Zoom Meeting on Traditional Sport and Games (TSG). As Corona outbreak hugely impacts people social live around the World, we want to show some solidarity within TSG community, continue to collaborate, support each other, share our thoughts as we go through this Corona outbreak. We do understand that in last several weeks/months, everybody around the world has been so worried about their own life, scared and anxious. But we believe that as we go through this Corona outbreak, it is important to stay connected, encourage each other, share our thoughts, and keep TSG spirit alive since we are a STRONG community. During our meeting, we show some solidarity, advocacy, and spirit. As they reflect on their joyful moments in last several years, We will be discussing many personal and professional experience and achievements through TSG , as well discussion many topics and questions such as;
How does the outbreak impact TSG community in their countries?
What does it take to keep TSG spirit alive even though the corona outbreak?
How do they maintain positive energy to keep their community alive?
If any, How do they prepare their future event even though there may be some uncertainty in some part of World?
What are they are going to do differently if they host any TSG event?
Please join us to hear our distinguished panelists from around the World
Adem Kaya, Ast. Prof, Moderator, USA
SA Scott Wendel, President of US TSG, North America)
Hassane Fousseni Nadey, Benin (Africa),
Nawab Furqan Khan, President of TSG Pakistan (Asia)
Ana Claudia Collado, President of TSG, Mexico
Kazimierz Waluch, the Editor of, Poland (Europe)
Topic: World Traditional Sport and Games "Strong" Zoom LIVE Meeting
Time: Apr 14, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 437 898 854


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