Traditional sports for seniors - classes of the Institute for the Development of Sport and Education in Warsaw

Traditional sports and games are not only for children. They are also great as a type of physical recreation for older people.
On August 29, 2019, at the Vistula University Group in Warsaw, a group of about 60 people - students of the University of the Third Age - had the opportunity to take part in theoretical and practical classes in traditional sports and games.
It was led by an expert on traditional sports at the Institute of Sport Development and Education (Instytut Rozwoju Sportu i Edukacji) - dr Bartosz Prabucki.
During the lecture, the students learned, among others what are "traditional" sports, how to define them and how did the development of global interest in this subject look like by organizations such as UNESCO or the European Parliament. Importantly, seniors also learned about examples of traditional sports, their value and practical application. Polish sports, such as the pierścieniówka and kapele, enjoyed particular interest.
The exercise part is classes in the sports hall. The participants showed a great desire to learn about traditional sports and games: pierścieniówka and kapele. They also played in Swedish throw game - kubb.
The classes met with very positive reception from the students. Both during the lecture and during practical exercises they asked a lot of questions about the origin of traditional sports, their relationships with other games of this type or their current situation. They also gave examples of traditional sports known to them.