Ruslan Pashayev, The Story of Catch

Ruslan Pashayev, The Story of Catch

“The Story of Catch” (2019) by Ruslan C Pashayev, a pro-wrestling history enthusiast from Delaware, Ohio, USA.

This book presents a pivotal study in restoring the history of Lancashire Catch Wrestling. Seven years of research in libraries, local studies, archives, museums, memoirs of individuals, historical books, documents, newspapers, magazines, and even in registration/record offices have all played a part in unearthing the truth about the origin and evolution of Lancashire Catch Wrestling.

This story has many heroes who affected Catch in its early stages and remained in history as true symbols of Lancashire Wrestling. But the whole story is dedicated to the memory of Adam Ridings of Bury, Lancs (1819-1894), who was also known under the nickname of “Dockum of Bury” a pioneer of Catch Wrestling, and the most prominent and popular wrestler of Lancashire in the 1840’s-1850’s.

“The Story of Catch” covers the earliest and most forgotten stages of Lancashire's Catch Wrestling history. Many of the most important subjects within that are covered in this work.

Various folk wrestling styles which were historically practiced in different parts of England.

Catch-as-catch-can. The history of the term and different kinds of Catch Wrestling in England.

Introduction of old Catch Wrestling by the immigrants from Continental Europe in East Lancashire and West Yorkshire in 14-17 centuries

Professional Up and Down Fighting and its major centers in East Lancashire, Pre-1800s.

Introduction of Modern Catch Wrestling in East Lancashire, 1820s.

Professionalism and Rules of the Game.

The first pro wrestling superstars, 1840s-50s.

The Golden Era of Catch Wrestling. The Earliest Championship Titles.
The Great Champions of the 1860s.

The Era of Claimants, Post-1860s.

The Lancashire Superstars in America, 1870s-1900s.
The Wrestling Boom in Great Britain, 1899-Pre WW1.

Catch Wrestling in XX century (Britain, North America, and Continental Europe).

For anyone with a serious interest in history of pro wrestling “The Story of Catch” is a must.