Itzik Cohen, Karate Uchina-Di Okinawan Karate An Exploration of its Origins and Evolution

Itzik Cohen, Karate Uchina-Di: Okinawan Karate: An Exploration of its Origins and Evolution, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017

The book investigates the deep roots of Okinawan Karate and its gradual evolution and development prior to the 20th century, revealing important cross currents in the evolution of Okinawan Karate.
Part 1 defines the background and the historical field in which Karate developed.
Part 2 elaborates on the issues discussed in Part 1 and thoroughly investigates changes, trends and stages of progress that have been influential in bringing Karate into the 20th century.
The book investigates the relationships between Okinawan-te and the Chinese, Japanese and even Siamese environments. It advances the discussion of significant topics such as the Bubishi and White Crane, and analyzes the subject of Shaolin Monastery Combat thoroughly, as well as its relationship with Chinese Martial Arts and Ryukyuan Bare-Hand Combat.
The extensive quantity of material is supported by references to historical sources that are examined carefully and in accordance with their relevance and reliability. The book traces and defines the characteristics of those who engaged in ancient Ryukyuan Bare-Hand Combat, their skills, the nature of their activities and the development of Ryukyuan-te, which became known as Okinawan-te, and then later became known as Karate.
The author awarded the honorable title of - Writer of the Year - By “The International Ryukyu Karate Research Society” (IRKRS)/December 2017.


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