Pro Wrestling in Munich, 1840s - Ruslan Pashayev

Pro Wrestling in Munich, 1840s - Ruslan Pashayev

Dear Friends,
I am happy to present the newspaper articles from the 1841 Dr. Franz Wild's “Baierscher Eilbote“, printed in Munich, Germany.

These articles which appear on the Pages 46-47 of the newspaper issue № 6 dated on Wednesday Jan 13th, 1841 and Pages 62-63 of the newspaper issue № 8 dated on Sunday Jan 17th, 1841, speak about the famous champion and the pioneer of Greco-Roman (French Style of Wrestling) called Mr. Jean Dupuis who was visiting Munich (Kingdom of Bavaria) and challenging the local champions to a wrestling match. The language of the articles is German. The articles contain unique information about the contemporary German Style of Wrestling. Enjoy the read. Thanks. Ruslan C Pashayev.

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