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3rd International Ethnosport Forum

3rd International Ethnosport Forum

A very important event for traditional sports - 3rd International Ethnosport Forum

The World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC) is an organization that aims to increase the awareness and promote the popularity of traditional sports and games around the globe. 1st International Ethnosport Forum titled, “Reviving Traditional Sports” was held in Antalya/Turkey, February 2018.

Delegates consisting of Ministers, government officials, representatives of federations and academicians from 56 countries attended the 1st Forum. 2nd International Ethnosport Forum took place in Almaty/Kazakhstan, April 2019. Around 200 delegates who are specialized in their field from 30 countries attended. Kazakhstan Ethnosport Association, a member of WEC, hosted the 2nd Forum together with World Ethnosport Confederation.
The Forum which we will organizing this year is important in terms of identifying the problems of traditional sports, offering solutions based on personal and corporate experiences, interchanging knowledge from different geographies for traditional sports and games.
The Forum acts as a platform for consultation, collaboration, collective mind and action in order to realize the short, medium and long term goals for traditional sports and games.
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