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Taulafoga (Samoa)

Name of sport (game): Taulafoga
Place of practice (continent, state, nation):



A popular pastime, especially among chiefs and village elders, is the ancient sport of taulafoga in which players pitch small coconut shells along a woven mat.


Played as a competition between two individuals or two teams of up to four players, each player uses up to five shells over the course of the game. The goal is to land a shell as close to the end of the mat, which measures approximately 50 feet in length with an 18-inch width.


Like shuffleboard, other players can knock their opponents' shells off the mat while they attempt to land their coconut closer to the end of the mat. Once all players pitch their last coconut, the team with the farthest pitched shell on the mat wins the round and gains one point for each shell past their opponents' farthest coconut. Often, games include several rounds, depending on the number of points needed to win, a value agreed upon before gameplay.


Woodchopping (New Zealand)

Name of sport (game): Woodchopping
Place of practice (continent, state, nation):

New Zealand


Woodchopping called woodchop for short, is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years in several cultures.
On Antipodes, it has been said that the sport we now know as woodchopping originated as the result of a bet between 2 men in a bar in Ulverstone, Tasmania in 1870. Jack Biggs from Warragul, Victoria and Joseph Smith form Ulverstone, had a wager for £25 to see who could fell a tree the fastest.
Many of the axemen of today still work within the timber industry, which is of course no longer reliant on manpower for harvesting. As the years have passed the sport has developed into a much more sophisticated affair which includes, Underhand chopping, Standing Block Chopping, Treefelling, Single and Double handed Sawing and Axe throwing.

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