Australia, Oceania, Pacyfic

Reti or Panukunuku (New Zealand)

Name of sport (game): Reti or Panukunuku

Patia fa (Tahiti, Polynesia)

Name of sport (game): Patia fa or Pati'a fa
Place of practice (continent, state, nation):

Polynesia, Tahiti

Sources of information :

Tagati'a (Samoa)

Name of sport (game): Tagati'a
Place of practice (continent, state, nation):



A spear-throwing contest called tagati'a, brings together people from several neighboring villages to compete in the event, which can last up to a week. Teams earn points by how many spears they throw beyond the farthest spear of the opposing team. The first to reach 100 points wins.
Traditionally, only men compete on teams formed by extended family relations in their home village and relatives from other villages connected through marriage. Women and children also attend the competitions to participate in the cheering portion of events, singing, and dancing to encourage their team to victory.

Importance (for practitioners, communities etc.):

These events can last up to a week and resemble large festivals with feasting, music, and dancing during and after the competitive events of the day conclude.


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