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Iskandarâni is an Egyptian struggle which has now disappeared. Its origins are very old and it comes from the city of Alexandria (Iskander is the Arabic name for Alexander).


It was taught in the form of dances (Raqs) in the popular district of Ras-El-Din. His practice was broken down into "mimes" or involved four main actions: 1- Stabbing 2- Slashing 3- Cutting the throat 4- Hitting with the head.

The latter technique was called "Roosiya". The objective of the "Roosiya" was to give extremely violent blows using body weight. Without any defensive utility, the "roosiya" had a mainly offensive function ... Among the other techniques of Iskandarâni, the "dancer" also had to execute a dangerous figure with a dagger by striking themselves on the body to show their dexterity in attacking "strike zones". Some fights were mimed by straightening the thumb and forefinger of the hand to simulate a stabbing weapon.

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