The Mexican Traditional and Autochthonous Games and Sports Federation (FMJDAT)


The Mexican Traditional and Autochthonous Games and Sports Federation (FMJDAT) is non-government organization conceived by the need to acknowledge and safeguard the diversity of ludic expressions in indigenous communities, created with the participation of sports leaders, indigenous leaders, civil society and governmental institutions.

As a sport federation, FMJDAT collaborates with Mexican government and is integrated as part of the National Sport System, recognized by Physical Culture and Sport National Commission (CONADE), and Mexican Sport Confederation (CODEME).

In 2002 FMJDAT obtained the National Sport Award, the biggest sport award in Mexico and has worked so that traditional games and sports are considered as part of Mexico´s cultural and sport heritage.

FMJDAT represents 22 state organizations and involves the work of different social characters: groups and organizations of players, sport trainers, cultural promoters, researchers, universities and academic institutions, government and legislative institutions and volunteers.

With over 200 different traditional games and sports registered, FMJDAT carries out activities to promote and safeguard them: tournaments, championships, training, exhibitions, conferences, certifications, manufacture of implements, generation of content through research and publications, promotion of public policies and linkage with similar international organizations.

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