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International Shinshidokan-kai Organization is non-profit , Non Governmental , Non Discriminatory engaged in Sports for peace & development. To promotes friendship brotherhood tolerance, sharing, Love fair play respect excellence & balance of body sprite will and mind as well as independence joy of efforts equality among others ISO is constituted under the law of Pakistan founded on 9th September 2011.
The Shidnshidokan-Kai is a Multiple Sports. The Shinshidokan-Kai is combination of three (3) Sports (Malakhra, Malh Wresting, Full Body Contact, Sports Karate & some rules like Sumo wrestling).
Reflecting the world diversity , the concept of the sports for peace and development is to promote Olympic ideas that sports is a human right for all youths. The moments encourage sports activities that can be exercised by people of all ages. To develop both sexes and different social & economic condition . it also support fair representation of women sports and encourage tchem.
INTERNATIONAL: International to refers to a particular group of countries and to all the people who live on this earth and our socialites, Organization, Institude and shows the way to life through peace.
SHINSHIDOKAN-KAI: Shinshidokan-Kai means a group of Gentle mans (Who will make wonderful world with their good ideas in Wonderful Sports in World).
ORGANIZATION: Organization is Group of Sports which have joined together and work for Sports , for peace and development and share common interests.
The International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization was founded in 9th September 2011 by (Kancho) Shahzada Saleem and Shahzada Kabir Shahanshah with the purpose of uniting the athletes, coaches, judges and enthusiasts.
Kancho Shahzada Saleem Founder World Director International Shinshidokan Kai Organization
Kancho Shahzada Saleem
Founder World Director International Shinshidokan-Kai Organization

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