Botswana Traditional Sports and Games Confederation

Our purpose is to preserve, promote and develop Botswana traditional sports and games.
Our mission is the revival of traditional games as an important part of our culture and identity as Batswana.
Our Guiding Values: Botho (Humanity), Seôpôsengwe (Unity), Ka fa molaong (Fair Play), Tlotla (Distinction).
The Botswana Traditional Sports and Games Confederation (CR 11372) was officially registered on the 19th of September 2017 under section 6 (1) of the Societies Act of the Republic of Botswana. Our purpose is to preserve promote and develop Botswana traditional Sports and Games.
Our Objectives
• To be the supreme authority on matters of traditional sport and games in the country and to control all aspects of the sport and games by taking such steps as are necessary to ensure compliance with its Constitution, rules, regulations, standing orders of BNSC & or TAFISA and the laws of the game as promulgated by all international traditional sport and games bodies.
• To be the sole body responsible for the traditional sports & games National Team.
• Promote international relations and to organise international games.
• Promote and encourage the development of traditional sports & games in schools.
• Promote Traditional Sports and Games as an important mechanism for national unity.
• Draw up rules and regulations governing the operation of traditional sports & games in the country.
• Integrate physical and mental activity into everyday lives through Traditional Sports and Games.

Tel. (+267) 72626036
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P.O. Box 21078, Gaborone, Botswana


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