Juegos y Deportes Autóctonos y Tradicionales de México

Juegos y Deportes Autóctonos y Tradicionales de México
Autor: Federación Mexicana de Juegos y DD.AA.TT.
Editorial: Trillas.
Año: 2009.
Idioma: Español.
Historia y recopilación de los juegos y deportes autóctonos mexicanos.

Action, recreation and development of physical and mental skills are common factors of games and sports. In this book, the only one of its kind in Latin American history, the group of recreational activities inherited by the pre-Hispanic cultures from Mexico is presented, many of which are still practiced in different communities of our country. The description of each of these games and sports is an invitation to recover free, recreational and enjoyable activity in which not only children and youth. If not adults can also have fun through physical exercise and the development of intellectual skills. Compilers refer to the origin of each activity, refer to the place where it is practiced and clearly explain how it is executed. The work is aimed at physical education teachers from preschool to high school who can implement these games and sports at school, as complementary activities in order to balance and train students. Its content is also of interest to parents looking for healthy and dynamic entertainment for their children.