Bruce B. Bethers, Jose Caracena Traditional Kodokan Judo

Bruce B. Bethers, Jose Caracena Traditional Kodokan Judo, Blurb, 2021

After conducting some studies and publishing several books related to Jigoro Kano's work, we focus now on which may be the most outstanding student of the founder of Judo; Master Kyuzo Mifune 10°dan. Mifune learned from the most traditional, pure and complete Judo source. An example of this is his extraordinary self defense method (Mifune Soen Goshin Jutsu), 30 techniques that were a benchmark at the time and which has been abandoned nowadays. Techniques of great value, which have obvious similarities with other forgotten Katas of Judo, such as Torite no Kata and techniques of Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Jujutsu and Yoshin ryu Jujutsu.


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