Joutes Languedociennes – Guillaume Lanouhe (Association Brev’Art) photographic exhibition

Joutes Languedociennes – Guillaume Lanouhe (Association Brev’Art) photographic exhibition

Two heavy boats, one red and the other blue, were propelled by eight to ten oarsmen and guided by two coxswains, the "helmsmen". The gamers are positioned on a platform about three metres from the water at the end of each boat. This platform bears the name of tinaine. On the lower part of the tinaine, stand the jousts of the next duels. The two boats then face each other, propelling each other until the final impact. At the time of the assault, the two boats graze on the right to allow the jousts to carry out "the pass". Equipped with their spear and a bulwark, the aim of the gamer is to bring down his opponent in the water.
We invite you to see the wonderful photos of Joutes Languedociennes by Guillaume Lanouhe from Association Brev'Art.
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