Escaramuza charra - Guillaume Lanouhe (Association Brev’Art) photographic exhibition

Escaramuza charra - Guillaume Lanouhe's virtual photo exhibition

Gillaume Lanouhe is the Président de l'association Brev'Art, an organization that is a partner of Traditional Sports.

We invite you to see the exhibition!
We thank the author for great photos, and we wish you unforgettable impressions.

Escaramuza charra is the only female equestrian event in the Mexican charrería. The escaramuza means "skirmish" and consists of a team riding horses in choreographed synchronized maneuvers to music. The women ride side-saddle and wear traditional Mexican outfit that include sombreros, dresses, and matching accessories. The routine is practiced in a lienzo, or a circular arena.

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