Boule de fort – Guillaume Lanouhe (Association Brev’Art) photographic exhibition

Boule de fort – Guillaume Lanouhe (Association Brev’Art) photographic exhibition

We invite you to see the wonderful photos of Boule de fort by Guillaume Lanouhe from Association Brev'art (Boule de Fort, Le Soleil Levant, Tours - France).

The boule de fort is a traditional game of the Pays de la Loire classified in the inventory of French intangible cultural heritage. It appeared in the Anjou region in 1660. Many legends and beliefs are running about it. The most widespread version tells that mariners of the Loire would have taken the habit of playing at the bottom of their boats. This would explain the curved shape of the runway similar to a boat hold. But, this form could also come from ball games made in the moat of the castles of the Loire. Nevertheless, all agree that the appearance of societies or ball circles dates from the early nineteenth century.
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